Technician Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 30 Sep 2023

Are you passionate about facilitating cell and tissue culture work and lab organization, and eager to join a diverse biomedical engineering team of researchers and students? We are searching for a laboratory technician interested in the hands-on support of our Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering, facilitating the various exciting research programs in our department. 

Job Description

We are searching for a laboratory technician to facilitate and support the research in the Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our ideal candidate loves to work in the lab, hands-on, has a supportive, collaborative and positive mindset, is well-organized, and has good communicative and social skills.

The Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering is a shared lab facility within the department with approximately 250 regular users from various scientific backgrounds (ranging from molecular cell biologists to tissue engineers and biomaterial scientists). Common techniques applied in this lab are sterile cell and tissue culture (2D and 3D), co-cultures, biochemical assays, immunohistochemical and -fluorescent stainings, qPCR, western blot, microscopy, etc.
As technician, your main responsibility will be to support the laboratory organization and to facilitate the daily operations, in a very hands-on manner. You will work closely with the labmanager and the rest of the team for this. Your tasks will include maintaining of various stocks in the lab, inventorying and ordering chemicals and lab supplies, quality control (e.g. performing sterility checks, developing standard operating procedures), supporting the training of lab users, and being engaged in the general day-to-day lab business. Effectively, you will act as the right-hand support of the lab manager, be active in the lab on a daily basis, and have regular interactions with the students and researchers who work in the lab.

Our department aims at research and education on the edge between biology and engineering, with a focus on the human body. Examples of our research include the development of tissue regenerative therapies to restore function of damaged tissues for various clinical applications, and immune-engineering strategies in which immune cells are manipulated to induce a self-healing response. The research spans across topics in orthopaedics, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, nervous and other soft connective tissues. High-end research is performed in our shared state-of-the-art laboratories and students are challenged to work in these laboratories.
You will be embedded in the Regenerative Medical Engineering Research Cluster, as well as in the team for lab support, under the direct supervision of the lab manager and the line leader of the lab. You will be in frequent contact with the academic staff, support staff, post-doctoral fellows, PhD candidates and master's and bachelor's students of the various research groups that make use of the Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering. We have a pleasant and supportive working atmosphere, in which we value personal qualities and values.

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