Technician - Hubrecht Institute-KNAW - Utrecht

Updated: 19 days ago
Deadline: today

The Single-Cell Core currently has a vacancy for a technician full to provide management, planning and organization to the Oncode Institute Single-Cell Core.

Description of the project: 
The Single-Cell Core, funded by the Oncode Institute, provides single-cell (epi)genomic sequencing services to the global research community. These services entail state of the art single-cell sequencing technologies developed in the groups of Alexander van Oudenaarden and Geert Kops. With the rapidly growing demand for single-cell sequencing, the facility will set out to offer the relatively unexplored field of single-cell (epi)genomics. As many of these methods have only been developed recently and require a certain degree of expertise, the facility will remove this barrier for researchers in and outside of the Netherlands. With this approach we hope as a community to obtain more detailed insights into the contribution of the (epi)genetic mechanisms underlying cancer. 

As the facility will conduct both the preparation of the samples and data processing, the team will consist of experimental and computational staff. You would be responsible for processing samples using the institutes highly innovative approaches. Secondly, as we will keep exploring better ways to support our customers, you will be involved in optimizing new single-cell sequencing technologies.

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