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As an analyst you work at the BioTherapeutics Unit (part of the hospital pharmacy) and at the research group of John Haanen (Division Molecular Oncology & Immunology). Due to the expansion of the number of projects, we are looking for an enthusiastic analyst who is interested in generating T cell products for clinical application. 

We focus on the development of new possibilities of cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of patients with cancer and in particular T cell therapies. T cells are isolated from a tumor or blood of the patient and optionally (genetically) modified in our cleanroom facility. The resulting T cell product is a living medicine. The safety and effectiveness of these T cell products is being investigated in the NKI/AVL in phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical studies in patients. The NKI/AVL has a national and international leading role in the development of cellular immunotherapy strategies.

In this position you will actively contribute to our growing T cell program within the context of the NKI/AVL Center for Cellular Therapies. The ambition of the NKI/AVL is to make T cell immunotherapy available to a larger group of patients with various forms of cancer. You will work in a multidisciplinary team of analysts, pharmacists, doctors, researchers and quality officers. Within this team, you as an analyst are primarily responsible for the generation of T cell products. These T cell products for clinical application are generated under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions in one of the cleanrooms of the BioTherapeutics Unit of the NKI/AVL. In the future, there are opportunities to also be involved in product development and immune monitoring in patient samples in the various cell therapy studies. During your work you will use various techniques including cell culture, genetic modification, various selection techniques (CliniMACS), flow cytometry and molecular analyses. You will also work together with other colleagues in the context of GMP quality assurance. 

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