Technician B cell analysis

Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: 31 Mar 2023

The position:

The technician will support a post-doc who will study the modulatory effect of tolDC on human B cells (naïve and memory) in in vitro assays. Since B cell responses in vivocan either develop in a T cell-dependent or a T cell-independent manner, in vitroassays reflecting both situations will be used to investigate the effect of tolDC. This work will focus on primary cell culture of monocyte-derived dendritic cells, T cell and B cells. Effects on B cell differentiation, antibody production and isotype switch will be analysed using multi-colour flowcytometry (phenotype, proliferation, class switch), ELISA (antibody level and isotype) and/or single cell RNAseq analyses.

Research group
The B cell Research group specialises in research on the regulation of human T cell-dependent B cell differentiation into antibody secreting cells and memory cells. We investigate the role of antigen, Thelper skewing and B-T cell interactions in the B cell differentiation process using B and T cell differentiation assays, deep B and T cell profiling, single cell RNA seq and BCR repertoire analyses. We combine this with direct ex vivoinvestigation of antigen-specific B and T cell differentiation upon in vivo antigen exposure (infection, therapeutic blood products or vaccination). The group is part of the Department of Immunopathology in the Division Research of Sanquin. The department comprises 40-50 people (postdocs, PhD-students, undergraduate students and technicians) that all work on related research topics.

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