Senior PostDoc on Quantum Optics and Communication

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 31 May 2021

Background - TU/e Quantum security testbed and development of evaluation site
The increasing complexity of digital networks on which society depends renders communication networks increasingly vulnerable to attacks. At the TU/e campus, we are developing a world-class testbed to integrate classical coherent optical transmission with Quantum security. This technology offers the means to increase the security of next-generation optical communication systems. The interest in Quantum security has risen in recent years, primarily due to the rapid progress in computation hardware, lower cost of data storage, and maturity of quantum computing technologies. The most mature quantum security systems are based on QKD schemes, which can be implemented with off-the-shelf hardware from coherent communication technology, promising low cost and integrability to classical optical coherent transmission networks. Recently, TU/e is active in several Quantum Technology and Cybersecurity projects funded by the NWO and QuantumDelta:

Research Challenges in the context of NWO Cybersecurity Project - SMOKE
As part of Quantum Eindhoven, we will exploit Physical Unclonable Keys to secure the hardware of sensitive communication networks. A highly secure and practical authentication system based on single-spatial-mode optical Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) as an authentication solution for quantum and classical communication links. These novel PUFs are read out through standard optical fibers, few-mode/multi-mode fibers or free-space links. Several implementations of single-mode PUFs are proposed exploiting the time/frequency domain for the encoding challenge/response space. With the PUFs, we will develop tools to generate challenge-forming few-photon light pulses and validate PUF responses at the few-photon level and take specific steps toward comprehensive implementation.

Work environment and embedding

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is one of Europe's top technological universities, in the heart of one of Europe's largest high-tech innovation ecosystems - the Eindhoven Brainport region. Research at TU/e is characterized by a combination of academic excellence and solid real-world impact through close collaboration with high-tech industries.

The candidate will be employed within the Electro-Optical Communications Group, particularly within the high-capacity optical transmission laboratory ( ). The candidate will strongly interact with the ECO group, which consists of over 70 researchers. This position is also embedded within the new Center for Quantum Materials and Technology (QT/e) at TU/e, composed of principal investigators from Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics & Computer science departments.

Your role and responsibilities
We are looking for a capable senior researcher to take up challenges related to:

  • Developing expertise in experimental Quantum Optics
  • Deeply understanding and developing low-loss optical fiber processing techniques
  • Exploring several implementations of single and multi-mode fibers technology
  • Deeply understanding and modelling the quantum optical properties of photonic hardware, which includes squeezed states, linear optics, homodyne detection and photon-number resolving detection
  • Analyzing the effect of the quantum optical properties on the performance of the quantum and classical signal propagation
  • Co-Supervising and working with a team of PhD Students and Postdoctoral researchers

Contributing to the definition of the roadmaps for research and assisting/leading the preparation and submission of National and European research grants

The candidate for this position will contribute to the TU/e efforts to establish the collaboration liaisons with QT/e and Quantum Delta NL and other projects and researchers in the project. The candidates will contribute to the related project reporting, scientific publication, dissemination activities. The candidate is expected to interact with TU/e teams to establish and operate the joint activities in the Eindhoven Quantum communication testbed.

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