Senior Application Specialist Microtissues

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 20 Oct 2022

As a senior stem cell biologist / bioengineer, you will be responsible for the expansion of stem cells to large numbers and for optimizing protocols to generate large numbers of micro-tissues from the stem cells. The primary micro-tissue focus for this position will be stem cell-derived embryo-like structures, such as blastoids, and similar early developmental models.

In this role, your tasks will include:

  • Running cell expansion protocols (primed and naïve stem cell culture)
  • Optimizing and running micro-tissue production using micro-wells technology
  • Optimizing and running micro-tissue differentiation
  • Optimizing and running micro-tissue characterization
  • Working with our Automation Application Specialist to automate the above protocols

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