Scientific programmer in the field of Metabolomics

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For over 15 years the Analytical Biosciences and Metabolomics (ABSM ) group has been developing novel methods to measure a wide range of metabolites in humans. Over the years we have established many collaborations with researchers, research institutes and instrument vendors from all over the world. Our metabolomics facility is one of the biggest in Europe and a member of several large (inter)national projects. Samples from all over the world are sent to our facility in Leiden to be analysed to provide new insights into the role of metabolic pathways in diseases. We study the role of environmental drivers of diseases, and study diseases such as neurodegenerative, vascular and cardiometabolic diseases, and recently also COVID-19. We aim to use this knowledge for supporting the development of innovative treatments or even better delay the onset of this diseases or even prevent them.

We are looking for a scientific programmer to strengthen our data analysis team, where you will be working on tools to collect, process, analyse and visualise data. You will support, maintain and improve our existing tools, implement and customise open-source tools and libraries, and design and develop your own.

You will work together with researchers in our group and  with collaborators in projects to identify the drivers of health and disease using metabolomics. You will be part of the Exposome-NL  project.

Key responsibilities
You will need substantial programming experience to handle complex mass spectrometric data. Hands-on experience in the development of tooling and customisable data processing pipelines is required.

The role will encompass the following responsibilities, but are not limited to:

  • Developing, improving and maintaining research software;
  • Creating customisable, reusable and well-documented data pre-processing and analysis pipelines;
  • Delivering high-quality and validated software for production use;
  • Providing hands-on training, coaching and support;
  • Participating in both national and international projects.

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