Research Technician, Transcription Dynamics in Single Cells

Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: 17 Nov 2023

We are looking for a motivated technician to join Dr Tineke Lenstra’s team. The main interest of the lab is to understand the regulatory mechanisms and dynamics of eukaryotic transcription. To study this, we use and develop cutting-edge single-molecule microscopy techniques to directly observe the stochastic behavior of regulatory factors and the process of transcription, as they dynamically occur inside living cells. We combine these microscopy methods with gene-specific and conditional perturbations, (single-cell) genomic experiments, single-molecule in vitro analyses, and computational approaches, using both budding yeast and mammalian cells as model systems. With these powerful tools, the projects in the lab focus on understanding how transcription factors, cofactors, promoter and enhancer sequences and chromatin regulates transcription in a dynamic manner. By studying transcription dynamics in single cells, we aim to gain mechanistic insight into eukaryotic gene expression regulation in both health and disease.

You will work closely with a postdoc/PhD student to support a wide range of research activities in the laboratory, including live-cell and fixed-cell microscopy, molecular biology, DNA cloning experiments, and image analysis. You will support the development mammalian cell line models creating reporter constructs and integrating these into cell lines with CRISPR technology. You will also perform imaging experiments and apply existing (python-based) pipelines for image analysis to extract the transcriptional fluctuations in single cells.

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