Research Technician Pluripotent Stem Cells / Beta-cells

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 15 Aug 2021

The LUMC is one of the few centers in Europe that isolates insulin-producing Islets of Langerhans from donor pancreas. This is done for islet transplantation in patients with type 1 diabetes and for basic and translational research. Due to a lack of organ donors, we are also investigating new sources of insulin-producing cells. You are part of the research group and you are directly involved in translational research on human pluripotent stem cells as alternative source of insulin-producing cells. Cell culture is an important part of the function. Other techniques are flowcytometry, qPCR, western blot, (immuno) histochemistry, and microscopy (confocal, live cell imaging). On a regular basis you will contribute to the isolation of islets within a GMP environment for transplantation.

·       You join the Islet research group and are directly involved in research using human pluripotent stem cells

·       You will contribute to the isolation of pancreatic islets within a GMP environment

·       You have at least a completed HLO education in cell biology or biomedical research

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