Research Technician

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 30 Mar 2023

We are looking to fill a Research Technician position at the Department of Viroscience. Together with our team you will study how the human humoral immune system responds to virus infections and vaccination. The research is focused on the breadth and function of antibodies targeting several virus families, including coronaviruses and flaviviruses. Besides primary B-cell culture and serology, you will make use of, and setup new technology using advanced equipment to determine in great detail which B-cells and antibodies are best at fighting these viral infections.

As a Research Technician, you will work together with an international team of researchers to further develop a B-cell platform that we use to address our research questions. Characterizing and isolating rare B-cells that produce the antibodies of interest, generating recombinant human antibodies and functional testing of these antibodies are important tasks. Besides that, you are responsible for data and lab management.

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