Research Software Engineer – Life Sciences

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Deadline: 20 Nov 2021

The Netherlands eScience Center is constantly looking for enthusiastic research software engineers (RSEs) to join the eScience Center Team. We are currently looking for candidates for our Life Sciences section to work on a variety of current and future projects.

What does your work look like?
You will be a part of a multidisciplinary team. You will typically work on 2 or 3 projects simultaneously. Projects vary in size from three-month consultancy projects to large multi-year collaborations. You will work on the project locations (various universities across the Netherlands), as well as in the office and you can work from home.

A typical day starts with a work meeting to discuss the development focus, for example: “some issues with the code need testing and requires further development”. Then diverse activities may be performed, for example, you catch up with the latest developments (both technological and scientific) in the project, you finish your contribution to the promising paper being written in your favorite project or you attend an online presentation on a project you are interested in.

Within our life sciences section our projects are highly varied and collaborative. We focus mainly on projects related to critical challenges in life science domains such as health, pharma, biomedical, biotechnology, cultivated food production and medical sciences. One day you develop software for infrastructure to analyze privacy sensitive patient data and the next day you create a chatbot to encourage users to change their lifestyle (by example: stop smoking).

RSEs from the section are explicitly encouraged to explore scientific fields outside of their main expertise and can develop themselves by following external training, developing dedicated software, leading projects, conferences, and community events.

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