Research Engineer in (S)TEM MESA+ Nanolab

Updated: 19 days ago
Deadline: 14 Nov 2021

MESA+ NanoLab is seeking a Research and Application Scientist in high-end (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy, (S)TEM), applied to the Materials Sciences. We are looking for applicants with a background in advanced (S)TEM covering a wide range of techniques, including excellent knowledge in data processing procedures.

The primary area of responsibility will be operating and handling our brand new Thermo Scientific Spectra 300 probe-corrected S/TEM.

You will join a team of academic and technical staff running a core central analysis facility, housing a High Resolution low voltage SEM, TEM, FIB-SEM, XPS, and XRD. With the other members of the team, you will contribute to supporting a broad and diverse user community.

Your main task will be to perform basic and advanced materials characterization for a wide range of research groups using (S)TEM and associated techniques. including Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX), electron diffraction, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and its derivative mode Energy Filtered TEM (EELS, EFTEM), high-resolution TEM, atomic-resolution Scanning TEM (STEM), electron tomography, integrated Differential Phase Contrast STEM imaging (iDPC-STEM), and emerging technologies such as STEM-Ptychography (4D-STEM). There is an increased interest in in-situ and operando S/TEM studies using commercially available special dedicated specimen holders; experience with and/or a keen interest in these techniques will therefore be considered an asset.

You will also serve as the primary point of contact with users of S/TEM and auxiliary equipment, perform and/or organize scheduled maintenance and alignments, order and monitor use of supplies, perform troubleshooting to ensure efficient functionality, provide training and teaching, and overall user supervision. Basic and advanced TEM sample preparation by mechanical polishing and by DualBeam Focused Ion Beam (DB-FIB) using our new Thermo Scientific Helios 5 UX, are also part of your job.

Other activities include reviewing and implementing best practices and standard operating procedures, teaching and advising users on the accurate use of equipment from a procedural standpoint, and on the underlying physics of the various techniques and ensuring compliance with Institute policies, scientific protocols, regulatory agencies and safety practices.

The applicant is expected to contribute to the development of new project proposals in which (S)TEM plays a role, in close collaboration with the various research groups. We invite the candidate to participate in research activities and writing articles, promote MESA+ NanoLab's mission and collaborate with external parties, such as within the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI). We are looking for a candidate that takes initiative to improve work processes that affect the functions of the primary area; anticipates problems and works proactively to resolve these, finds ways to exploit the present and future possibilities of S/TEM for the benefit of research and commercial interest.

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