Research and teaching associate in Public International Law

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With over 5,000 students and 450 members of staff, Leiden Law School is one of the largest faculties in the Netherlands. Yet, in all its diversity, it is still known for its ability to provide education on a small scale. The Faculty focuses on multi-faceted high-level teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. It does so by working with talented people and stimulating and supporting them in their professional and personal ambitions. The Faculty is housed in the beautifully restored Kamerlingh Onnes Building on the Steenschuur in Leiden. Working for the Leiden Law School means working in an inspiring scientific environment. For more information, see

The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (Leiden Law School & Campus Den Haag) (‘the Centre’) is a leading academic institution in the field of international law, which is focused on high-level research, education and training in public international law and global justice. The Centre is part of the Faculty of Law of Leiden University, the oldest University in The Netherlands. It hosts several international research projects, leading scientific journals (e.g., Leiden Journal of International Law), a unique LL.M. (adv.) programme in Public International Law, the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition, as well as high-quality training courses, Summer Schools, lectures series, seminars and conferences.
Research within the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies is part of the Research Programme ‘Exploring the Frontiers of International Law’.

The Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on International Humanitarian Law provides a platform within the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies for research, teaching and further dissemination of international humanitarian law. The core objective of the Forum is to provide a neutral platform for the research, teaching and further dissemination of international humanitarian law (IHL). By doing this, it aims to create better protection and assistance for victims of war and more respect for humanity in armed conflicts and crisis situations. The Forum aims to help alleviate the suffering of individuals in armed conflicts and to bring more humanity to these special situations of violence. The Forum focusses on promoting and strengthening the respect for IHL and its implementation in national law. Furthermore, it supports initiatives to enforce IHL and increases accountability for perpetrators of IHL violations. Information about the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum can be found at

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