Project manager smart and sustainable (agri-food) logistics

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Your role is to help organisations in BISCI's Logistics and Agrifood ecosystems to innovate, by reaping the benefits of digital transformation and guide them in their sustainability journey or prepare them for a new role in a circular economy. You manage projects, in which you connect students and researchers from the BISCI knowledge partners to the organisation challenges of today and tomorrow. We encourage you to take an active role in these projects, think of supervising students, interviews, workshop organisation, data analysis, model or tool development, business case analysis, or pilot demonstrations.

You help to build, maintain and expand our innovation ecosystem and you initiate and pursue new initiatives and ideas that address the key organisational challenges and boost innovation towards sustainable, competitive, agile, resilient and circular supply chains. You are the right-hand wing player of the logistics ecosystem director. 

BISCI and your working environment

BISCI is a unique, young and fast growing knowledge institute, situated at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. BISCI is a collaboration between Maastricht University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and TNO, thus covering practical, applied and more fundamental research.

Our goal is to make supply chains sustainable, agile, resilient and competitive, and to support the transition towards a circular economy with innovative supply chain concepts and business models.  We do this by combining knowledge and know-how of supply chain management, logistics, digital technologies, data science and collaboration.

BISCI is organised around business ecosystems with a focused innovation approach that contributes to typical sustainable development goals. Not surprisingly, these business ecosystems start from supply chain and logistics knowledge and have a strong economic embedment in the Province of Limburg: Logistics, Agrifood, Chemicals and Healthcare. In our programmes, the BISCI knowledge partners (UM, Fontys, TNO) synergize fundamental, applied and practical research and innovation and deploy a learning community approach through alignment and integration with our education programmes. As such, this BISCI collaboration is unique in the world.

In the logistics and agrifood ecosystems, BISCI closely collaborates with business communities such as Supply Chain Valley, ELC Limburg and Greenport Venlo, with public-private partnership initiatives such as Programme Topcorridors, with applied R&D communities such as Topsector Logistics, Topsector Agri & Food and Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ETP-ALICE), and of course with individual organisations.

BISCI falls under the Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, therefore your contract is with Maastricht University. Your workplace is flexible and will be a hybrid mixture of Venlo (Brightlands Campus, Supply Chain Valley), Maastricht University, customer and partner locations, and your home office location. Your BISCI colleagues comprise of a dedicated core team of around 10 experts from the three knowledge partner organisations and a flexible and dynamic group of project-specific experts and students.

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