Project Manager Lifelong Learning

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Deadline: 11 Oct 2021

The TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education is participating in innovative projects that are focused on lifelong learning. Initially you will lead two projects that will require you to represent TU Delft’s interests at steering group meetings at a national level. You will be required to take a leading role to ensure that project goals are met by coordinating with various internal and external stakeholders. With time, there may be a need to coordinate other activities if more projects initiate within the sphere of lifelong learning.

Within the TU Delft Extension School, you will be a member of the business team. The business team, among other thing, focuses on developing of new course offerings. Innovative projects around lifelong learning will most likely result in development of new (or renewed) offerings to meet current market needs and gaps. It is important that you liaise regularly with the business team members and other stakeholders within the Extension School so that project activities remain aligned with the mission of the Extension School.

Joint 4TU LLL programme
This is one of the 7 projects in the sector bètatechniek resulting from the Sectorplan Onderwijs 2020. There has been an increase in the number of students in bètatechniek from 65,000 (2011) to 97,000 (2018). However, the student – staff ratio in bètatechniek lags far behind. The goal of this project is to ensure the sector bètatechniek can benefit from lifelong learning in this field. This means being able to offer industry-relevant and regionally-relevant courses/short learning programmes that will ensure the continuous upskilling of students and professionals in the betatechniek field.

Under the project, the aim is to ensure that there is desk research on the skills gap currently present and the industry demands. The desk research should inform the (joint) development of current or new educational offerings (lifelong learning) in the field of betatechniek and other activities planned under this project.

You are responsible to set up and finalise the project scope and objectives and develop a project (and budgetary) plan. You will arrange relevant meetings, updating all stakeholders/4TU partner representatives, maintain an overview of all activities and ensure timely progress and reporting. Over the course of the project, you are responsible for:

  • Completion of secondary research on regional demands and current skills gap;
  • Arranging supply and demand LLL coordination;
  • Organizing a (regional) approach to LLL;
  • Seeking affiliation with national initiatives, such as those of the VSNU;
  • Initiating the first modules LLL at the affiliated universities and HBOs;
  • Filling a platform with the first modules;
  • To publicize LLL and the already developed teaching methods;
  • Connecting with other initiatives and partners in the field of LLL.

Pilot Microcredentials
From October 2021, the TU Delft will participate in a pilot to offer Microcredentials. This is one of the initiatives of the acceleration plan on flexibilisation that aims to explore and make education more flexible. Your role will be to participate in national level meetings of project coordinators and engage in discussions further defining what it means to have recognisable microcredentials. You will then translate this framework to the context of TU Delft and coordinate with internal stakeholders to ensure that TU Delft Extension School is ready to offer microcredentials in 2022.

During this process you will be responsible to determine what (if any) are the internal (additional) resource requirements and to ensure that our internal systems are set up to meet the pilot requirements. Regular reporting and evaluation will be part of this pilot.

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