Postdoctoral Researcher: Social Inequality and Diversity

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 22 Aug 2022

Are you a scientist with a PhD degree in social science? Interested in further developing research on social inequality and diversity? Please join our faculty as postdoctoral researcher. You will work together with colleagues in one of our inspiring departments where research and teaching come together.
Your research will contribute to the topic “social inequality and diversity” for a period of two years. This topic connects with the research programmes of the Behavioural Science Institute and Radboud Social Cultural Research within our Faculty. In addition to research, you will spend 20% of your time teaching on one of our programmes: psychology; pedagogical sciences and education; sociology; or cultural anthropology & development sociology.

Under the topic “social inequality and diversity” we want to invest in research on the increasingly complex and often invisible mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. This concerns the interaction between characteristics and factors at different levels, such as the individual, family, social networks, government policy, the functioning of institutions, urban versus rural areas, accessibility of facilities, ideas, and discourses on migration, and gender distribution. To understand this interaction, both interdisciplinary collaboration and a variety of research methods are needed: quantitative (linking macro data, such as SCP and SCB data, to meso- and microdata) and qualitative (discourse analyses, ethnographic research). Such broad research offers opportunities for more targeted interventions (including preventive ones), at the individual and group levels as well as the social policy level. The main aim here is to analyse and address the negative consequences of inequality and exclusion, the increasing segregation of the highly educated from the less educated and groups with an immigration history from those without one. In addition to detecting barriers, competences can be developed with which people can strengthen their resilience.

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