Postdoctoral Researcher: Resilience in Youth

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 22 Aug 2022

Are you a scientist with a PhD degree in the social, behavioural, or brain sciences? Interested in further developing research on resilience in youth? Please join our faculty as postdoctoral researcher. You will work together with colleagues in one of our inspiring departments where research and teaching come together.
Your research will contribute to the topic “resilience in youth” for a period of two years. The topic connects with the research programmes of the Behavioural Science Institute and the Donders Center for Cognition within our Faculty. In addition to research, you will spend 20% of your time teaching on the teaching programmes of psychology or pedagogical sciences and education.

Under the topic “resilience in youth” we will invest in research on the development of resilience in children and young people and their functioning in society. This will enable us to answer research questions such as:

  • What conditions do we need to create in order for our children to grow up into adults who can survive successfully and develop optimally in a rapidly changing world?
  • How can we help children and young people face complex social challenges, such as the coronavirus pandemic; how do we prevent these from pulling them under?
  • How do we ensure that young people can make the most of the opportunities available to them, such as in education or on the job market, and how do we limit inequality in this regard?
  • And also: how do we prepare children and young people so that they are optimally involved in and function in society over the course of their lives? How do they become responsible citizens?

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