Postdoctoral Researcher on the Topic of Online Labour Markets (Gig Economy)

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 22 Mar 2022

The 'gig economy' – enabling the hiring of service workers via internet-based platforms – is revolutionizing traditional employment. As a postdoc, you will contribute to the urgently needed but still underdeveloped research about the gig economy. A job where you can work together with fellow researchers in a friendly atmosphere, while also expanding your network internationally.

The Department of Business Administration at the Nijmegen School of Management is offering a postdoctoral position for 12 to 16 months (the end date is 31 August 2023). This postdoctoral position is part of an NWO-VIDI funded project on the 'gig economy', researching into online labour markets and their institutional foundations. Enabling the hiring of service workers via internet-based platforms, the gig economy is revolutionising traditional employment. The socioeconomic consequences are massive, ranging from increased work-autonomy to the possible erosion of labour standards. Interestingly, the opportunities and threats of the gig economy are distributed differently across countries, also depending on national regulation of dependent employment. To better understand how the gig economy operates (e.g. with regard to its institutional foundations, its impacts on national labour markets and necessities for regulation), you will be asked to conduct large-N analyses of gig workers and online platforms. To this end, you will be given the opportunity to use the datasets collected within the project or to use your own data. Possible analyses include, but are not limited to, advanced regression techniques, discrete choice experiments and sequence analyses. You will become part of the NWO-VIDI project team and its international network.

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