Postdoctoral Researcher on SNN Robot Control at the Donders Centre for Cognition

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 09 May 2021

The department of AI at the Donders Centre for Cognition (DCC) is recruiting two postdoctoral researchers on a new project called SPIKEFERENCE, co-funded by the Human Brain Project. They will work under the supervision of Assistant Professor Pablo Lanillos, Associate Professor Serge Thill and Full Professor Marcel van Gerven.

The SPIKEFERENCE project aims to control industrial robots with spiking neural networks using neuroscience-inspired algorithms (deep active inference), providing adaptation and conditional hierarchical problem-solving. The outcome of the project will be a step forward in brain-inspired computational models, both theoretically and experimentally, bridging the gap between low-level control and neurosymbolic approaches, contributing to major challenges within the Human-Brain Project, such as the development of neuroscience-driven adaptive cognitive architectures, and providing novel spike-driven closed-loop controllers that can be deployed in real robots.

You will develop SNN models for robot control, inspired by our current deep active inference algorithms and SNN controllers, assess and validate them against current predictive coding SNNs models, and demonstrate the networks on the Neurorobotics platform, from a simple proof of concept in basic environments to initial control of a UR5e.

You will work in close collaboration with your supervisors, other postdoctoral researchers and a PhD candidate. Furthermore, you will join an exciting and vibrant young team of experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence and neurocomputing. As we support the Human Brain project's equal opportunities policy, we strongly encourage submissions from various representative minorities.

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