Postdoctoral Researcher for Digital Humanities and Hispanic Studies

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 16 Sep 2022

Last May, Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme handed over his family archive to Radboud University. Would you like to conduct research on this extensive collection that can offer new perspectives on Spanish and European history? Then you have a part to play as a postdoc.

The Faculty of Arts of Radboud University is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to collaborate on the Bourbon de Parme family archive, which was recently donated to the university’s Catholic Documentation Centre (KDC). As a postdoctoral researcher, you will be a part of the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH) as well as the department of Modern Languages and Cultures (MTC).

As a post-doctoral researcher, you will conduct research on the Bourbon de Parme family archive. The archive consists of five cubic metres or 60 linear metres, with documents mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries and written mostly in Spanish, but also in French, Italian, German and Latin. The archive contains personal correspondence between the members of the Bourbon de Parme family, diaries and notes from its principal representatives, important documents from the Partido Carlista, and also about 20.000 photographs made by María de las Nieves de Braganza during her travels around the world at the beginning of the 20th century. You will (1) carry out your own research related to the materials included in the archive, making use of digital humanities and publish about it in relevant international journals; (2) promote the collection with lectures, the organisation of symposia, etc., and (3) guide the archivist (to be appointed) in the digitalisation and archiving of the material. Priority will be given to the exploration of the photographic collection and the diaries and notes linked to it.

Your research will be embedded in RICH. You will participate in one of its research groups and contribute to the institute in general. You will set up research collaborations on these topics with the present staff of the research institute. You publish about your research in highly qualified journals, conference proceedings, or edited volumes. You will be expected to teach a limited number of courses in our Bachelor's and/or Master's programmes (approx. 20% of your appointment).

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