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Deadline: 03 Jan 2019

Do you have experience in Community Service Learning? Do you want to employ your experience in educational innovation to the benefit of students as well as the community?

Social awareness and communal involvement are core values of the Vrije Universiteit. One of the means through which we add a concrete dimension to these values, is by the implementation of a central Community Service Learning (CSL) program. Through CSL students deploy their academic skills to contribute to societal issues. CSL has the potential to be a transformative learning experience for the students, while at the same time impacting society. We have multiple successful ongoing CSL projects and collaborate with key partners in civil society.

Within this research project an innovative CSL curriculum for all bachelor and master students at the VU will be developed. The bachelor program includes multiple courses in which students address issues such as loneliness and circular economy in collaboration with community partners. The aim is to strengthen the link between various courses and society and to scale up CSL across the university.

We are developing a master program in which students identify and analyze complex societal issues with various stakeholders from society through a participatory approach. Interdisciplinary student teams conduct in-depth participatory research on the identified challenges. We aim to make the master program available to other (international) universities. The master program is the result of the Comenius Leadership Fellow of prof. Zweekhorst (financed by the NRO).

Overall we aim to identify the design principles for CSL, based on literature research and best practice analysis. Based on these insights, we will develop a framework for the implementation of CSL. To this end, your duties as a postdoc researcher within this research team will include working together on the design, execution, monitoring and evaluation of pilot studies to investigate the effects of the implementation of CSL within the course and the curriculum. On top of that, we conduct research on the interaction between education and society.

Your duties
As a postdoc you collaborate in a lager team executing this project and conducting research on this project. Next to being involved in the research you are also involved as a coach or coordinator in teaching of various courses offered by the Athena Institute.

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