Postdoc position on Quantum Acoustics

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

This postdoc project is part of the national program on Quantum Acoustics (QUAKE). In this program, we plan to explore the new field of quantum acoustics, an analogue of quantum optics and circuit quantum electrodynamics, based on acoustic waves at the nanoscale. Quantum acoustics involves the creation and manipulation of quantum states of sound in solid state systems and its interaction with other quantum systems, opening up a new frontier in quantum physics. Compared to photons, phonons propagate at velocities that are slower by several (~5) orders of magnitude, can achieve significantly stronger coupling to other quantum systems, and experience much stronger nonlinearities in their mutual interaction. As some examples of the concrete outcomes of QUAKE, we foresee the creation of non-classical states of massive mechanical waves, and the coupling of heterogeneous quantum systems via high-frequency quantum acoustic channels.

In this postdoc project, the focus will be on coupling surface acoustic waves (SAWs) to silicon spin quantum bits. We will exploit the unique properties of quantum acoustic excitations to probe quantum physics in a new physical realm and develop fundamentally new technologies.

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