Postdoc Inclusive Humane Artificial Intelligence

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 14 Aug 2022

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher in the broad field of inclusive, humane artificial intelligence (AI). It will be your primary research task to explore how AI and machine learning shape (and are shaped by) new forms of organizing urban environments as laboratoriesfor more resilient ways of practicing health, providing care or remaining socially connected as we get older. The broader context to this is the increasing attention to the role of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the development of AI technologies and infrastructures. In this context, you will engage empirically with local initiatives and pilot projects in the broad field of health and ageing (social) innovations, and actively engage with stakeholders and co-creation processes (e.g., at the AI-hub Brightlands). As an outcome, we expect you to also make a conceptual contribution to SSH informed inclusive, humane AI, for instance by combining normative approaches in traditional ethics with more recent discussion around empirical ethics and valuation processes. The Faculty of Humanities provides an excellent environment for this, with broad expertise in the philosophy of technology, the history of (mental) health, and Science and Technology Studies (STS).

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