Postdoc in Activating Design

Updated: 5 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Jan 2023

We are inviting applications for two Postdoc positions (3-year contract) in the Department of Architecture to explore the theme of 'co-creation' in the architectural design practice and 'Activating Design'.

This position explores the methodologies and approaches for a co-creative design process and the possibilities of participation of stakeholders’ and other participants (users) to develop and manage healthy and sustainable buildings, dwellings and inclusive urban environments. It explores and develops intelligent design models that consider a logical flow of information and methods of sharing them.

You will focus from an architectural design perspective on questions such as: How can we improve architectural design process in terms of collaboration with future users or other stakeholders? How do we achieve the collective commitment? How do we structure the complex design process in such a way that user’s input finds its way towards a fluent design process and building development? How can we integrate open data into explorations together with other participants at the early design phase? How can we collectively design a data-driven built-environment?

In complex projects, stakeholders’ and other participants input provides insights into the functional and operational assessment of building components and buildings which allows designers to optimize the design. In an iterative process of optioneering, multiple possibilities are tested against the knowledge of stakeholders. This requires design possibilities (options) that need to be shared in a comprehensive way. The narrative that drives the design decisions should be frequently updated and shared with the design team and stakeholders. Design co-creators should be able to constantly check the design development and test it against initial requirements and keep those up to date relative to latest state of the design. This will allow to establish a balanced design development process of co-creation and participation and the design project to become a common goal and shared vision. Final objective is to develop the optimal design by incorporating stakeholder knowledge as well as more commitment on the design outcome.

You will investigate on: methods and approaches for a co-creative design, participatory processes, creative design thinking theories, challenges of using technology to improve the design process in co-creation. And the potential and use of open data as a resource for the sustainable design of buildings and cities.

You will work at the Department of Architecture under the guidance of the academic and scientific staff of Complex Projects, Section of History & Complexity. Together you will establish collaboration within the Department of Architecture and other departments of the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment and with other Faculties to develop a more transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. They will be asked to contribute to the teaching programme of the Department of Architecture (0.3fte).     

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