Postdoc: Impact of wool carpets on indoor air quality

Updated: 18 days ago
Deadline: 31 May 2021

The Research Group of Indoor Environment (IE) is specifically focused on people and their health and comfort, influenced by buildings and environmental factors, indoors and outdoors. Key is the assessment and control of the effect of the combination of environmental parameters (thermal quality, sound quality, lighting quality and air quality) on people and the built environment. The staff of the Group IE comprises of 7 PhD candidates and 2 postdocs, supervised by Professor dr. Philomena M. Bluyssen. Research is performed both in the field (offices, schools, dwellings, hospitals) as well as in the SenseLab. The SenseLab comprises of an experience room and four test chambers.

As Postdoc researcher you will be working on the initiation, planning and executing of a research project concerned with the impact of wool carpets on indoor air quality in comparison to other flooring materials. The aim is to acquire scientific insight into the way wool behaves as a filtering system for fine dust and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and determine the effect of wool on indoor air quality based on lab and field experiments in combination with modelling activities. The research will be performed in close cooperation with Best Wool Carpets B.V., who has proposed several research questions to be answered, for example:

What types of fine dust and VOCs are present in indoor climate, and which ones can be bound to wool?  How does wool work as an air filter? And how effective are

textile floor coverings (natural renewable fibres like wool versus synthetic ones) as air filter compared to hard floor coverings? What is the impact of time on the working of wool as an air filter, and what is the impact of the use of the room such as living, cleaning and ventilation, and how can the impact be influenced positively?

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