Postdoc Fall Prevention in Elite and Consumer Cycling

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 02 Oct 2020

Is it your dream to combine your passion for cycling with a desire to improve performance, human health, and well-being? If so, the departments of BioMechanical Engineering at TU Delft want you to help us develop technology to assist in bicycle balance. We are seeking a highly motivated and ambitious postdoctoral researcher to take the lead in the design and development of the mechatronic devices to assist bicycle balance and to evaluate its performance via simulation and experimental studies. The research will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Arend L. Schwab and Dr. Jason Moore, and in collaboration with the two PhD candidates MSc. Marco Reijne and MSc. Rado Dukalski, the industrial partners, Royal Gazelle and Bosch eBike Systems, and the elite cycling team Sunweb. You will combine multibody dynamics and mechatronics to:

  • design and build a steer-assist system for bicycle balance in consumer cycling;
  • design and build an augmented reality feedback system to guide elite cyclist in fast and safe descending;
  • analyze the safety and potential effectiveness of these systems based on carefully designed human experiments;
  • and contribute with your outcomes to the success of the NWO funded research project “Citius Altius Sanius” incl. many international industry partners.

The Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the Faculty of 3mE (Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering) was established 50 years ago. Its research program comprises Mechanical Engineering techniques, such as modeling and design, to analyze the interaction between biological and technical systems. This includes Medical Instruments & Bio-inspired Technology; Biomaterials & Tissue Biomechanics; and Biomechatronics & Human-Machine Control.

The department is also strongly involved in the educational programs of 3mE, including master programs on Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanical Design (a track of the Mechanical Engineering program), and Technical Medicine.

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