Portfolio manager for operations

Updated: 17 days ago
Deadline: 12 May 2024

Key takeaways

As a Portfolio manager for operations, you will be responsible for Finances, HR, Business Control, Educational Support, the Faculty Office, Labs, IT, Facilities and Communication. In addition, you will have an administrative responsibility for the Digital Society Institute, UT DesignLab, UT-Nanolab, and UT’s honours programme. You will empower and motivate your professional team through an open and clear communication, while switching easily between policy-making with the Board, implementing new ideas, and connecting with your staff. In this position – at the heart of the higher management of UT, and within a very multidisciplinary and international environment – you will contribute to the education and research of the EEMCS faculty.

As a Portfolio manager for operations, you will be appointed by the Executive Board and report to the Dean of the Faculty. You will be part of the collegial Faculty Board, together with the Dean of the Faculty (full-time), the Vice-Dean of Education (part-time), and the Vice-Dean of Research (part-time). Together, you will lead the Faculty in dealing with the following challenges:

  • Your strategic and creative way of thinking will ensure that all faculty operational processes add value. With support services across the Faculty, you will face the continuous challenge of new developments while sustaining the support quality.
  • As a member of the Faculty Board, you will have a crucial role in leading the Faculty, as well as the Board’s joint decision-making within the Faculty. With commitment and an open way of communicating, you will ensure social safety and an inclusive environment for your team and colleagues within the Faculty.
  • You will connect with the academic groups, the three disciplines, and the educational programmes of the Faculty from your perspective of operations and as a member of the Faculty Board.
  • You will connect with the programmes of the three University research institutes, being MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, the Techmed Institute, and the Institute for the Digital Society, from the point of view regarding content as well as from that regarding the organisation and finances. The latter will be in close interaction with the business director from these institutes and Strategic Business Development.
  • As a member of the collegial Faculty Board, you are responsible for maintaining the level of income in the medium and longer-term. You will balance expenses with income with a keen eye on spending and budgets for staying a financially sustainable and balanced Faculty. .
  • You will engage in certain projects that run across the University. With your fellow Portfolio manager for s operations and directors of service departments, you will connect and collaborate with other Faculties, departments, and external parties to warrant the continuous development of the management of our University.

Information and application

For more information, please contact prof. dr. Peter Veltink, ad-interim dean of the faculty EEMCS (053- 489 2765) or Anja Smit, HR manager of the faculty EEMCS (053 489 2235).

Interested in joining our team? You can apply until May 12th with CV and a motivation letter. Interviews within UT will take place in week 20.

The meetings with the appointment committee will take place on May 29th and June 5th, the meetings with the faculty advisory committee on June 10th, and the meetings with the executive board will take place on June 11th or 13th. Later, there will be a meeting with the faculty council.

References of the final candidates may be checked, and a security screening will be carried out. An assessment may be part of the procedure.

About the organisation

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) uses mathematics, electronics and computer technology to contribute to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With ICT present in almost every device and product we use nowadays, we embrace our role as contributors to a broad range of societal activities and as pioneers of tomorrow's digital society. As part of a people-first tech university that aims to shape society, individuals and connections, our faculty works together intensively with industrial partners and researchers in the Netherlands and abroad, and conducts extensive research for external commissioning parties and funders. Our research has a high profile both in the Netherlands and internationally. It has been accommodated in three multidisciplinary UT research institutes: Mesa+ Institute, TechMed Centre and Digital Society Institute.

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