PhD Researcher: Cultivating and Operationalising data and AI in a pharmaceutical company

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 15 Mar 2024

Vlerick Business School is a triple-accredited, top-ranked international business school at the heart of Europe – with a solid scientific foundation that provides the backbone for knowledge with lasting impact. We strive to make coming to Vlerick feel like a transformative experience that ignites the entrepreneurial leadership fire. In doing so, we help form positive change-makers ready to challenge the status quo and make things happen.

Vlerick is a school, but we run it as a company, aligned with the high standards we foster in our different programmes. We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven PhD Researcher with a passion for embedding data, analytics and AI in organisational fabric.

Your Mission:

  • Complete a 4-year PhD journey on exploring and exploiting data network effects for competing on data, data analytics and AI.
  • Conduct academic and applied research. This includes desk research, theorizing, data collection, modelling, and analysis.
  • Disseminate knowledge by writing papers, reports, and articles, communicating on social media, organizing workshops for practitioners, and presenting research findings to both business and academic audiences.
  • Conduct research in collaboration with faculty and other researchers.
  • Provide support for the activities of the research area of Technology & Operations Management, and of the School.

The Research:

Your PhD investigates the role of data network effects in the context of competition and leveraging them for data-driven and AI-based strategies in a pharmaceutical company.

Data network effects refer to the phenomenon where the value and utility of data increase as more participants or entities contribute to and use the data network. In this case the value of data grows exponentially with the size, diversity, and connectivity of the data ecosystem.

Your research lies at the intersection of data sciencesystems research, and business and organization strategy. You will develop and test interventions, frameworks, and methodologies that enable organizations to effectively leverage data network effects for competitive advantage.

Your research involves a combination of theoretical studies, empirical studies, systems analysis, and modelling to explore the concepts of data network effects, competition dynamics, and their implications for organizations operating in data-rich environments. The research includes investigating real-world examples and conducting interviews or surveys with industry professionals to gain insights and practical perspectives on the topic.

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