Open Geospatial Data Publications Officer

Updated: 4 months ago
Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

This new position will primarily focus on how to publish open "flagship datasets" that come out of ITC's ongoing work and will aim for their optimal visibility and take-up by others. The transition towards Open Science will mean adopting and adapting new digital technology that supports collaborative approaches, scientific reproducibility, and a wider and stronger commitment to knowledge diffusion. Hence, the ideal candidate will have a good mix of social skills and technological know-how in support of realizing a necessary change of research culture.

  • You will collaborate with researchers across the ITC faculty and support them in realizing authoritative, high-quality geospatial data publications. Your activities include the provision of scientific, methodical and technical support in the publication process of results coming out of research work done at ITC.
  • You help to prepare and disseminate these publications and have a talent in understanding data recipient needs.
  • You will lead the development of a faculty-wide Open Data Publication platform and take steps to create an associated Community of Practitioners on Open (Geospatial) Data. This shall become part of the ITC Knowledge Hub under development.
  • You will propose, evaluate and (co-)implement open science research publication tools that support the daily needs of ITC's researchers.
  • You will also develop guidelines and (e-learning) educational material on data publishing that support the transition towards open science, and that provide guarantees for optimal visibility and applicability by third-party recipients.
  • You support, through your work and engagement, the further development of policy, infrastructure and culture of Open Data stewardship and documentation, and related general scientific practice.

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