Office Coordinator/Projectmanager hDMT/NOCI

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 20 Dec 2023

Job description

As a coordinator, you play a crucial role as the linchpin for hDMT (including hDMT INFRA) and NOCI, providing all-round support. You are responsible for the back office of hDMT, including managing relationship files and documents. You serve as the central point of contact and the go-to person for scientists from hDMT/NOCI and external parties. Additionally, you coordinate and organize scientific gatherings, such as meetings for the 10 hDMT thematic groups, doctoral candidate retreats, and the annual hDMT and NOCI Consortium meetings. On the organizational and secretarial front, you support the hDMT board, the hDMT Managing Director, and the NOCI coordinator, organizing and recording board meetings and monitoring action items. You keep the hDMT/NOCI website up to date and assist in increasing awareness and expanding PR & Communication activities. Moreover, you represent hDMT at information markets during external events. As a project manager, you are involved in multi-partner projects within hDMT, including NOCI, serving as a contact person for project consortium members and funding organizations such as ZonMw. You coordinate the development of project reports, organize meetings, and prepare meeting documents. Additionally, you share responsibility for the back office of the European Organ-on-Chip Society and provide support for various activities within this organization.


Your employment will be at LUMC, from where you will work partially on a secondment basis for hDMT.

You will be working at the LUMC or from your home office. You will regularly travel for meetings within the Netherlands.

hDMT is a multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers from 17 public knowledge institutions (universities, university medical centers, and universities of applied sciences) who share their knowledge, expertise, and facilities to develop and apply Organ-on-Chip technology. They collaborate with private organizations, including companies and funds. The Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI), an NWO Gravity consortium, is also part of hDMT. The innovative human Organ-on-Chip systems can be applied in healthcare for drug development and studies on disease mechanisms, as well as for testing food, chemicals, and cosmetics. Established in 2015 by and for scientists, hDMT is setting up a national infrastructure (hDMT INFRA) with Service Centers of Expertise at hDMT partner organizations to make the accumulated knowledge and facilities widely available. hDMT has built a global network and is the founder of the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS), which unites members from more than 30 countries.

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