MSCA postdoctoral fellowship

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 12 Oct 2021

In the Biochemistry department of Maastricht University we work on proteins (anticoagulants, platelet aggregation inhibitors, and immunomodulatory) from the salivary glands of ticks since these proteins can help us to unravel molecular mechanisms of health and disease and could be used as diagnostics or therapeutics.

We make these proteins chemically (using solid-phase peptide synthesis techniques) and via recombinant expression. Next, we study structure-activity relationships. If you are interested in studying (structure-function) proteins of blood-sucking parasites, I invite you to contact me. We can then work together on a MSCA grant (or other) application.

The goal of the MSCA postdoctoral fellowships is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers, wishing to diversify their individual competence in terms of skill acquisition through advanced training, international and intersectoral mobility. There are two main requirements of eligibility to apply for a MSCA:

1. Candidates must have a PhD (or equivalent research experience of at least four years’ full time research experience by the time of the call deadline: 12 October 2021)

2. Candidates can be of any nationality but must not have lived or worked in The Netherlands for more than 12 months during the three years up to the closing date of the call (12 October 2021).

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