Lecturer/Researcher: Psychology of Behaviour Change

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Deadline: 28 Jun 2021

To motivate soon-to-be psychologists to finish their degree strong, we are looking for an inspiring Lecturer/Researcher: Psychology of Behaviour Change. In this role, you will teach students skills to solve an actual practical problem to promote healthy behaviour. You will also conduct innovative research on the ever-evolving topic of human behaviour and well-being.

You will teach courses at the School of Psychology, particularly within the Master’s degree programme in Behaviour Change. In this English-taught programme, we teach students psychological models and theories relevant to the field of behaviour change, and how to develop and test theory-based interventions in practice. During their internship, students apply their knowledge and skills to solve an actual practical problem with behaviour change to promote health or sustainability behaviours, reduce discrimination and increase diversity, or promote good citizenship. You will be asked to contribute to the development of teaching, and to carry out and coordinate innovative teaching in Dutch and English, particularly on topics related to behaviour change (0.5 FTE). You will supervise psychology students’ Master's theses, coordinate theoretical and practical courses, and give lectures in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. We approach teaching as teamwork and organise regular meetings to discuss challenges and opportunities, and to learn from each other. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our team. 

You will conduct research on behaviour in the Behaviour Change and Well-being (BCW) programme of the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI). The mission of the programme is to conduct innovative research on the psychological processes underlying human behaviour and well-being, and behaviour change in social contexts, in a transparent and solid manner. As a researcher, you will be required to apply for external funding by submitting research proposals. Collaboration with researchers in other BSI programmes is encouraged.

Depending on your goals and background, we may shift the teaching/research ratio from 0.5 FTE teaching and 0.2 FTE research to 0.4 FTE teaching and 0.3 FTE research. This is particularly interesting for candidates with plans to apply for external funding. There may be a possibility in the future to extend the teaching contract so that the total contract will be for more than 0.7 FTE.

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