Junior Funding advisor for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

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In recent years, FSE has been growing significantly, both within the education and research domains. The faculty is active in high profile projects such as the Einstein Telescope Pathfinder and topics such as artificial intelligence, circularity, robotics, sensor engineering and future of farming.

Within the Faculty Office, we provide support to researchers across the faculty, including for grant acquisition and project management. In order to respond to the growth in the number of grant applications (pre-award phase) and awarded research projects (post-award phase), we are looking for a JUNIOR FUNDING ADVISOR. This junior funding advisor will be part of the FSE research funding support team (which is currently being formed) together with the senior funding advisor, senior project manager, and junior project manager (to be recruited).

As a JUNIOR FUNDING ADVISOR, you will actively contribute mainly to the pre-award phase (together with the faculty funding advisor) but also to the post-award phase, which covers the project management within FSE. You will advise researchers in the grant application phase, for example by providing faculty-wide grant information, and also in the management of a variety of research projects funded by national, regional and European funding agencies. You will perform your duties in close contact with the senior funding advisor, project managers, and FSE researchers.

Your place of work will be within the Faculty Office FSE. You will work closely with the funding advisor and both senior and (to be recruited) junior project manager of FSE, but also where necessary, interact with colleagues with different backgrounds (financial, legal) within the Faculty Office and within the university.

What will you do:

  • Assisting the funding advisor, senior project managers, and researchers in applying for research grants and managing already funded research projects.
  • Working with the funding advisor to provide feedback on draft grant proposals from various departments within FSE, aimed at various research funders;
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with various support departments about (conditions of) grant applications, and organizing administrative processes around grant applications;
  • Joint development of a regular funding calendar (funding alert), which is sent by email to FSE researchers;
  • (Initial) advice on financial, legal and administrative support to researchers.
  • You maintain communication with project partners, but also, depending on UM's role, with funding organisations and other implementing bodies.
  • You are the liaison between FSE researchers and the Faculty Office team.

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