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Deadline: 16 Apr 2023

The Department of the Built environment and USRE unit

The Department of Built Environment of Eindhoven University of Technology offers education in a wide range of specializations in the field of architecture, building and planning. The emphasis is placed on the integration of design, science and technology. Graduates find their way into various professional groups, including architectural design, urban design and planning, building physics, structural design, and real estate management. In addition the department is also a research institute, where high-quality research related to building is carried out in various laboratories.

Planning and management problems in the Built Environment have become increasingly complex in recent years. The unit Urban Systems and Real Estate is developing groundbreaking decision-support systems that focus on particular types of problems in architecture, urban planning and real estate management.

System development is an important aspect of USRE's research and teaching. The unit borrows from latest computing science and AI to implement innovative new systems in the field of USRE. An important ambition is to design Digital Cities using the concept of digital twinning which gives opportunities to investigate new developments such as Internet of Things, Data analytics, Sensor-based real time data collection, etc.

As an ICT developer you will support the high ambition research and education program of the USRE unit. How can digital twins of cities be developed? How can such digital twins be used to address the challenges cities of today are facing to become more sustainable and a healthier place for people to live in. The ICT developer will support master students, PhD students, postdocs, and tenured scientific staff members. He or she will assist them in designing and implementing systems as part of their research project. Primarily, this involves giving directions and guidance. It may also involve taken over part of the system implementation when thorough ICT programming knowledge and skills are necessary that go beyond the scope of the researcher. Furthermore, he/she will develop new systems or tools that serve a long term target or a larger group of researchers in the unit.

In addition to development, the ICT developer is responsible for management of systems. This involves assisting students and researchers in using the digital twinning lab facilities of the TU/e and running experiments, handling software licenses for the unit and assisting students and researchers using specialized applications. This includes software for 3D modeling of the built environment, conducting web-based surveys and collecting real time data using sensors in the built environment. System management is executed in close cooperation with the ICT services of the department.

Through these activities, the ICT developer is expected to contribute to the academic performance of a high-ranked group of scientists. He/she should be motivated to be involved in cutting-edge research with enthusiastic students.

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