Full Professor of Work, Organisations and Digital Technology

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 16 May 2020

The aim of this new Chair is to contribute to knowledge on how to design, introduce and implement digital technology in work and organisations in a human-friendly, healthy, ethical and socially responsible manner. We are especially looking for you if you are an enthusiastic and excellent researcher and lecturer in the field of work and organisations with specific expertise and interest in the following subject: the impact of digital technological innovations (e.g. new ways of human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence, robotics) on work and organisations (e.g. new ways of working, online platform businesses) and on health and work performance (e.g. de-skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling of workers, sustainable employability, stress, recovery, quality of work, work-life balance). We are also interested if you can contribute in some other innovative way to the field of Work and Organisational Psychology.

You will conduct research in the Work, Health, and Performance (WHP) programme. You will be expected to initiate new research lines in work and organisational psychology (preferably in relation to digitalisation), strengthen and complement the current research activities of the WHP research group, and acquire external funding in the area of work, organisations and digital technology. You will actively search for national and international collaboration within the discipline of work and organisational psychology and with disciplines related to digital technology (e.g. artificial intelligence). You will be a mentor of junior staff and stimulate collaborations within the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI). You will regularly translate your research to a wide audience of scientists and non-scientists.

You will develop teaching lines, teach courses and supervise students at the School of Psychology, especially in the Behaviour and Environment domain of the Bachelor’s degree programme, in the Master’s programme 'Work, Organisation and Health', and in the Research Master’s programme in Behavioural Science. Although this position is rooted in the School of Psychology and the W&O Psychology group, its profile transcends the discipline of psychology. It is therefore to be expected that you will also contribute to programmes other than psychology, such as the Bachelor's or Master's programmes related to digital technology (e.g. in artificial intelligence).

You will contribute to the management of the W&O Psychology group and to the advisory boards of the Behavioural Science Institute and School of Psychology. You may also have broader managerial tasks within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Radboud University.

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