Full Professor of Human Geography

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 26 Sep 2022

Are you a committed geographer, with the depth and drive to invest in questions about equalities and injustices in geographies of global sustainability? And do you connect the social to the environment, by building on experience and affinity with interdisciplinary approaches, and engagement with communities and stakeholders worldwide? Then you have a part to play as a Full Professor of Human Geography.

As Full Professor of Human Geography, you will develop an agenda that connects to the work on transformative change towards sustainability, and sustainable and just transitions in the built environment and mobility, for instance from perspectives of post-human city and rural ecologies. As part of the Human Geography group, you will contribute to further development of the critical and relational perspectives. You will be combining geographical expertise with other disciplines, most notably environmental studies, urban planning, economics, sociology, and political science. Your socially and scientifically relevant research should lead to publications in academic and professional outlets, the attraction of external research funds, and also to visible and concrete societal impact in public discourse and media. You will find a detailed job profile (including requirements) below.

As a Full Professor you will play a prominent and exemplary role in advancing education in human geography and, more broadly, socio-spatial sciences. With the use of advanced educational approaches and methods in the field and a broader social theoretical and didactical backdrop, you will be able to develop attractive and high-quality education (at both the Bachelor's and Master's level). You will contribute to the development of joint programmes with partners within and outside the Geography, Planning and Environment (GPM) department, and within and outside the Nijmegen School of Management (NSM), looking for opportunities to further develop multidisciplinary curricula on spatial development and sustainability.

You will initiate and supervise research in geography, resulting in, for example, the publication of academic articles in established international journals. Leading and linking research themes with other research groups within the faculty or Institute for Management Research (IMR), and, more particularly, contributing to multidisciplinary research programmes. You will be expected to realise funding opportunities, write grant proposals and generate the funding needed, partly to finance PhD positions. You will be actively involved in the supervision of PhD candidates.

You will contribute to supervising associate and assistant professors and researchers in their work, and advancing their career. Second, you will contribute to the management of teaching, research and impact in the GPM department, fulfilling managerial duties at the departmental and NSM level. You will have a part to play in the continual improvement, internationalisation and positioning of the faculty in terms of its educational and research programmes. Furthermore, you will represent the group and the field of study in inter-university consultations and in national and international networks in education and research.

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