Full Professor and Chair of the Cell and Developmental Biology group

Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 01 Oct 2021

Wageningen University & Research is looking for a full professor (0.8 - 1.0 fte) to lead the Cell and Developmental Biology group which is imbedded in the Plant Sciences Group of our University, one of the leading universities on food, health and environment worldwide.

The Cell and Developmental Biology chair group studies developmental processes at the cellular level. Central to many developmental steps in the plant life cycle are differentiation events that establish the biochemical and physical composition of the cell to regulate growth and division. The current focus of the group is on the identity of regulatory cues, their distribution routes and how they exert their control at the molecular and cellular level. The group aims to elucidate how cellular phenomena, like trafficking, polarization and control of gene expression, drive the key processes that determine cell identity and morphogenesis. We are eager and excited to recruit a new professor who offers complimentary and/or novel research approaches and vision.

As head of this group, you will lead and support a diverse and multidisciplinary team of two permanent research staff, two lecturers and two education and research technicians. You will strengthen the groups position in (inter)national networks by developing new lines of research and by consolidating established research lines and education.

More information about the Cell and Developmental Biology group can be found at this website .

The embedding of the professorship facilitates numerous opportunities for collaboration with other leading (plant) scientists. The Cell and Developmental Biology group and the Developmental Biology of Biotic and Environmental Interactions group together form the Plant Developmental Biology cluster. The group is also part of the Plant Sciences Group, one of five science groups at Wageningen University & Research, and has state-of-the-art tools and facilities. The Plant Sciences Group comprises 18 chair groups and 7 applied research groups and is affiliated with the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS).

More information about your potential future colleagues in the Plant Sciences group can be found on this website and information about the Graduate School of Experimental Plant Sciences can be found on this website .

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