Full Professor and Chair of Phytopathology

Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 10 Jul 2024

Wageningen University & Research is looking for a full professor (0.8-1.0 fte) to lead the Phytopathology chair group. Our chair group conducts interdisciplinary and discovery research on molecular, ecological and evolutionary interactions between plant pathogens and their biotic environments aiming at improving plant, crop and seed health. Specifically, the group studies the genetic and environmental cues that determine pathogen lifestyle and lifestyle switches, the dynamics of microbial genomes and populations, and how these lead to new disease outbreaks.

Our research spans a vast biological space that includes fungal, bacterial, and oomycete plant pathogens and at all stages of the plant lifecycle. We use our multidisciplinary know-how in strong internal and external collaborations to contribute to sustainable plant disease management through fundamental and applicable discoveries. As a group, we contribute to multiple BSc and MSc programmes. A key objective of our education is to train future scientists to solve phytopathological problems in plants and crops, many that are critical to worldwide food security.

We are excited to recruit a new professor and group chair who will bring an inspiring vision on the future of phytopathology research and education within the domains of Wageningen University. The position of chair of the Phytopathology group provides you with the opportunity to further develop your own research track and your leadership profile with a diverse team of talented researchers, lecturers, and support staff. Together with other staff members, you are responsible for the academic and operational management of this chair group. Of primary importance to Wageningen UR is an inclusive and safe working environment for all employees and students, and the new chair must be willing to foster an inspiring and creative academic climate for all members of the chair group.

More information about our research projects, education and publications can be found at the website . A virtual tour on WUR’s green and sustainable campus can be taken here

The Phytopathology chair group is currently composed of five tenured and non-tenured scientific staff, six technicians, two lecturers, one postdoctoral researcher, one researcher/data analyst, 15 PhD candidates and three support staff. The Phytopathology chair group is embedded in the Plant Sciences Group, one of five science groups at Wageningen University & Research, which has state-of-the-art instruments and facilities. The Plant Sciences Group comprises 20 chair groups and one institute, Wageningen Plant Research. The chair group Phytopathology is affiliated with the graduate schools

Experimental Plant Sciences

(EPS) and

Production Ecology and Resource Conservation

(PE&RC). The new chair will contribute constructively to the development and leadership of the science group and the wider collaborative research and impact environment at WUR.

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