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“Matching the evolution of people with the revolution of technology”. This is the mission of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). Delft designers act as a bridge between advances in technology and the needs of people, organisations and society to create products, services and systems with purpose. In order to futureproof this mission, IDE offers 9 tenure-track positions in order to strengthen three strategic design themes.

  • SYSTEMIC CHANGE: placing a product or service within higher level systemic thinking and detailed local thinking creates meaningful insights leading to a greater impact. The combination of systems thinking and design is a powerful tool that shines a light on what is actually happening and offers a language and vocabulary to describe it. It highlights the elements which may be used in making improvements.
  • EMBEDDING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI): society is adopting AI technologies at an ever-faster pace. This poses opportunities and challenges for designers. What is the role of a designer in an increasingly automated society where machine learning and AI alleviate us of many our daily routines and processes? Which of ‘our’ (human) skills will become obsolete or might be re-appropriated to serve as new tools which will help us operate in our ever-changing design practice?
  • DESIGNING DESIGN: design methods are integral to IDE research and teaching.  The development and availability of design methods mean that a growing number of progressive organisations, governments, and municipalities are choosing to integrate a design approach. While design becomes more organic and responsive, it risks excluding designers from the loop. As well as developing and testing new methods we also need to find ways to critically evaluate how methods are used in practice - particularly the social, political, and ethical consequences of using particular methods to enable technological change.

IDE has organised its scientific staff in 3 departments: Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE), Design, Organisation and Strategy (DOS) & Human-Centered Design (HCD) under which the 9 tenure track positions will be divided equally. The text below explains the strategy of the DOS department, the other two department texts can be found here  and here .

Department of Design, Organisation and Strategy (DOS)
In addition to IDE’s main strategic themes, the DOS department is looking for candidates who are able to expand our design research in one (or more) of the following areas:

  • STRATEGIC DESIGN IN ORGANISATIONS AND NETWORKS:  designers are increasingly involved in the digital transformation processes that incorporate smart technologies to solve societal challenges. We aim to investigate how designers can adapt their practices to carry out data-enabled design; how designers can foster more entrepreneurial behaviour in organisations; and how design can contribute to the transformations that are needed in organisations to implement new strategies.
  • DESIGN THEORIES, METHODS AND PRACTICES: Design methods are changing because of new technologies and new demands in society. We aim to investigate new (agile) design methods and uncover how artificial intelligence and machine learning interrogate and enhance design processes. In addition, we aim to take systemic approaches to design research in addressing complex societal problems.
  • SERVICE DESIGN FOR EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Designers’ involvement in service design changes as a result of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. We aim to investigate how organisations can adopt and implement design capabilities to improve service development for emerging technologies.
  • STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION: Emerging technologies and materials provide organisations with new ways to deliver and market products and product-service systems that are more beneficial from a sustainability perspective. We aim to investigate how design can help organisations in the transition towards new sustainable innovations by building sustainable business models.

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