Engineering Doctorate in Autonomous Systems (1.0 FTE)

Updated: 19 days ago
Deadline: 03 Jun 2024

Are you a Master's graduate looking for extra experience and a position in the high-tech industry? Are you interested in designing technological solutions related to system automation? Then the Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Autonomous Systems might be the right position for you.

The EngD is a two-year post-master program that trains you to address real-world technological challenges in industries or society. It provides participants with both academic and practical training and serves as an opportunity for individuals passionate about practical problem-solving to kick-start their careers in the Dutch high-tech industry.

During the first year of the EngD program, participants undergo comprehensive training to prepare them with the necessary skills and knowledge. It includes a series of modules on Systems Engineering, covering fundamental concepts in mechanical engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, participants explore specialized topics such as cyber-physical systems, robotics control systems, and nonlinear control systems, enhancing their expertise in these areas. The first year also includes a 10-week industry project, enabling participants to apply their skills directly to real engineering challenges. Subsequently, the program extends into a one-year internship at high-tech companies, further sharpening participants' abilities to address complex engineering problems effectively.

In addition to technical coursework, the program emphasizes developing professionalization skills essential for success in the engineering field. Participants refine their abilities in writing and presentation skills, project management, leadership, teamwork, data analysis, and research methods. They also have the opportunity to enhance proficiency in the Dutch language (in the case of international candidates) and select additional courses from PhD programs at the University of Groningen, 4TU courses, or online resources.

For more information about the EngD program Autonomous Systems, please visit:

The University of Groningen was started in 1614 and is known worldwide for its outstanding education and research. It is a lively place where students and researchers, about 34,000 of them, can explore different subjects and grow their skills. The university offers many programs and chances to build a career in many fields. It is also one of the top research universities in Europe. It works with other great universities worldwide to share knowledge and become a global learning hub. The university is in the lively city of Groningen in the north of The Netherlands.

The ideal EngD candidate for the Autonomous Systems program is a talented engineer with a Master's degree or equivalent experience. They should possess the following traits:

• ambition in industrial career: Demonstrates a strong ambition for an industrial career and is passionate about designing and developing innovative products and solutions
• highly motivated and ambitious: Driven to continuously learn and grow technically and professionally, eager to tackle challenges and advance their careers
• desire for development: Shows a thirst for knowledge and a genuine interest in personal and professional growth, willing to learn new skills and contribute to the development of colleagues
• critical thinking and practical solutions: Capable of analyzing complex problems and proposing innovative solutions, adept at thinking on various levels of abstraction. Candidates should showcase their capability to choose and apply appropriate methods, tools, and techniques to address real-world challenges encountered in complex systems design and implementation
• excellent communication skills and English proficiency: Effective written and verbal communication is crucial for collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and presenting research findings. Proof of proficiency in English for non-native speakers is essential as the program is internationally oriented and taught in English
• affinity with technology and current technological developments: Candidates should demonstrate a keen interest and awareness of advancements in complex high-tech systems, indicating their readiness to contribute to cutting-edge research and development in the field.

Please send your application to us, by submitting the following documents:

• a two-year full-time EngD position at RUG offers a challenging role in a dynamic, multidisciplinary atmosphere
• full employment status with pension and healthcare benefits
• gross monthly salary of € 2,618 with additional benefits
• a holiday allowance of 8% gross annual income and an 8.3% end-of-the-year allowance
• entitlement to a minimum of 29 holidays per year for full-time employment
• access to RUG's campus facilities, including sports amenities
• mentorship and a stimulating research environment fostering professional and personal growth
• upon program completion, you will receive a certified Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree and recognition by the Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (KIVI)
• assistance from our staff and eligibility for the 30% tax compensation scheme for international candidates.

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