Education/Research Officer in Robotics (1.0 FTE)

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The University of Groningen is a research university with a global outlook, deeply rooted in Groningen, City of Talent. Quality has had top priority for over four hundred years, and with success: the university is currently in the top 100 of several influential ranking lists.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) offers education and research in a wide range of science disciplines, from traditional disciplines such as physics and biology to interdisciplinary disciplines such as artificial intelligence and industrial engineering and management. Our community has an open and informal character with students and staff from around the world.

This position will be embedded in FSE’s School of Science and Engineering, which offers 14 Bachelor degree programmes and 26 Master degree programmes to approximately 7,200 students. In particular, you will become part of the team that takes care of the AI bachelor and Master programmes, which includes, – among others – education in Robotics, covering the broad area of mechatronics (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, control engineering, and system engineering).

Job description

The vacancy constitutes an educational and technical support function in a university educational- and research environment. The applicant will work in close collaboration with the teachers and researchers of the Robotics Labs of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and will formally bear responsibility to the School/Research directors. The educational aspect of the job will consist of supporting the teachers and lecturers in robotics and supporting the robotics related practicals and projects in the lab. The technical aspects will concern responsibility for installation and maintenance of facilities in the Robotics labs, which consist of commercial, as well as self-developed robotic platforms and related computer hard- and software.

Specifically, the duties include:

• Support the teaching activities of the programmes in Artificial Intelligence especially in relation to the robotics courses. This consists of technical duties in assisting and instructing bachelor and master students during the Robotics practicals of the robotics courses, and supporting student/PhD projects who use the Lab facilities
• Responsible for designing protocols and preparing instruction manuals for use of the lab’s facilities and specific equipment in the Robotics labs, also with regard to safety etc
• Maintenance of the Robotics labs, ensuring the smooth operation of the labs and instrumentation, also in relation to specific computer hard- and software
• Ordering new facilities, consumables, etc. and taking care of installation of (new) robotics platforms
• Keeping an overview of developments in Robotics and related platforms in cooperation with teachers, researchers and group members of the Autonomous Perceptive Systems group
• Support the Faculty’s and AI-programmes’ Robotics outreach activities.

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