Director of Data and Collections - IISG-KNAW - Amsterdam

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Deadline: today

We expect you as Director of Data and Collections to position the Institute within a number of important national and international networks. Such as the HuC, the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE), and the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI). Within the academic environment of the Academy, where the focus is on large-scale research projects, you will ensure ongoing attention, investment, and resources for a sustainable infrastructure for structural data and collections.

You are aware of the developments in society that influence the role and function of the IISH as a collection-based research Institute, and you have a clear vision regarding inclusiveness, valorisation, and participation. You will contribute actively to determine how these concepts can be transformed into practical policy.This position represents an exceptional opportunity for someone with a passion for collections and data on work and labour relations within a scholarly environment. You will co-manage one of the world’s largest collections of private archives, and work at a leading research institute in the field of social and economic history. The position is based in the Netherlands and we expect the candidate to have, or quickly acquire, good oral and written communication skills in Dutch and English.

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