Developer Partnerships and Innovation Ecosystems (0,8-1,0 fte)

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Deadline: 01 Jul 2023

About the TU/e
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

is an internationally leading technical university specialized in Engineering Science & Technology. The TU/e organization comprises 9 faculties and 10 services that support the primary process of teaching and research. With high-quality education and research, TU/e ensures the advancement of technical sciences and the development of technological innovations. In this way, TU/e contributes to the growth of prosperity and well-being in the Brainport region and beyond. TU/e is all about people. Around 13,000 students and 4.000 employees live, work and recreate on campus.

TU/e's strategic activities in the field of research, educational innovation, valorization and entrepreneurship attract national and international attention. The research institutes EAISI, EIRES, EHCI and also The Gate and TU/e innovation Space have a high degree of appeal within this. This manifests itself, among other things, in a steadily growing number of visitors and visiting delegations to the campus.

TU/e innovation Space
TU/e innovation Space occupies a special position at TU/e. It is the center of expertise for Challenge Based Learning (CBL) and Entrepreneurial Learning, and a learning hub were students in interdisciplinary teams co-create responsible solutions to real-world challenges together with researchers, industry, and societal organizations.  We develop them to become engineers of the future.

Purpose of the job
Today's global societal challenges are getting more and more complex. They demand a next level systemic approach in places that support innovation, both socially and technology driven. Universities are an increasingly important player in solving these challenges. And an open innovative learning ecosystem is of utmost importance for the education of engineers of the future. In order to enhance the learning experience of students in CBL (curricular and extracurricular), and ensure a high quality of our education, we need to strengthen our cooperation with key partners in the region (TU/e instellingsplan ).

Therefore we need to build  valuable and more long term connections with companies, and societal and governmental organizations. By doing so, we can collaborate with the ecosystem around us to create real impact and address complex challenges faced by both societal and industrial stakeholders.

TU/e innovation Space aims to be a learning hub that builds and connects open interdisciplinary thematic communities for co-creation of responsible solutions to real world challenges by students together with researchers, industry, and societal organizations. Partners can collaborate in a thematic network as challenge owner, can be involved as coach, expert, hybrid teacher, or sponsor supporting the creation of solutions to challenges (in courses but also in student teams), can join our entrepreneurship competition as coach or jury member, and an increased collaboration can also make TU/e more accessible for employees from industry who wish to update and deepen their competences (professional education/life-long learning). By increasing students' access to the labor market needs and fostering real-life cooperation with ecosystem stakeholders, we can enhance students' awareness of the professional competences demanded to address challenges and prepare them for the demands of the real world.

Key in this approach, is to have a Developer Partnerships and Innovation Ecosystems (Business Development / Account Manager) for TU/e innovation Space.


The primary goals of this position are:

  • To attract and maintain partners that want to innovate together with us thereby enforcing the innovation impact of the TU/e students in the regional ecosystem in both the curricular and extracurricular domain.
  • To create thematic ecosystems with several partners connected to us, on 5-6 themes, thus creating the source of long-term challenges-programs for CBL.
  • To coordinate open-roadmapping and align strategies for long-term collaboration on a company/organizational level, ensuring that all parties involved are on the same page when it comes to achieving shared goals and objectives.
  • To fulfil an extended brokering position, effectively connecting ecosystems to each other, and promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In addition to these primary goals, this role should also pave the way for:

  • Identifying extra funding opportunities for TU/e innovation Space (additional to TU/e budget).
  • Acquiring company coaches, hybrid teachers or for learning environments (physical locations) for curricular and extracurricular purposes, thereby freeing resources for TU/e.
  • Creating opportunities for the development of Life-Long-Learning activities, one of the program lines of TU/e innovation Space and promoting continuous learning and growth for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Your tasks & responsibilities:
  • To extend the network of partners of TU/e innovation Space, including companies, societal organizations, and the municipality, among others.
  • Establishing and maintaining a close and meaningful relationship with all external partners of TU/e innovation Space, such as challenge owners, guru's (external experts), partners in the TU/e Contest, and others.
  • Being present and actively involved in student team events, TU/e contest, final presentations, Master Kick Off event, Dutch Design Week, and all other major and smaller TU/e innovation Space related events, to foster engagement and participation of partners.
  • Being able to effectively demonstrate to external parties the value of by participating in TU/e innovation Space initiatives.
  • Co-organizing of and actively participating in partner-events of TU/e innovation Space, fostering and extending partner relationships.
  • Being present and engaged at Brainport and provincial events and activities that can be relevant to TU/e innovation Space, in order to stay informed and seek out new partnership opportunities. 
  • Connecting each partner to the full range of programs that TU/e innovation Space offers, including curricular and extra-curricular activities, and life-long learning activities.
  • Developing and continuously improving our partnership model to ensure long-term and sustainable partnerships. Additionally, identifying and pursuing new partnership opportunities to further strengthen our network and impact.

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