Cryo-electron microscopy scientist

Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 15 May 2021

NeCEN is looking for a highly talented scientist experienced in cryo-electron microscopy who would like to contribute to the performance of an advanced cryo-EM centre at a world-class level.

You will maintain optimal equipment performance and collect high-quality data as part of a team, with the aim of providing optimal service to NeCEN's users.

NeCEN hosts a range of instruments such as two Titan Krios microscopes (K2 and K3 detectors), a Talos L120C TEM, an Aquilos Cryo-FIB (cryo-lamellae preparation for tomography), cryo-CLEM setup and ancillaries equipment as well as computing resources. The primary responsibility for this position is to optimize and run our large volume sample pipeline (high pressure freezer, cryo-microtome, focussed ion beam and cryo-CLEM) and assist users with the Aquilos sample preparation and Titan Krios data collection. Additionally, EM scientists at NeCEN are offered to perform collaborative research and technical development (approx. 20% of the time) to help ensure NeCEN remains at the forefront of electron microscopy.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Optimize the large volume sample preparation pipeline (from whole cell to lamellae);
  • Together with the other EM scientists, take care of the advanced cryo-EM microscope equipment and aid users with data collection;
  • Ship, prepare, and load samples, align/tune microscopes prior to data collection, setup and oversee image acquisition, and evaluate data quality;
  • Communicate experimental details to users, assist with data analysis in the context of collaborative projects and write experimental methods for resulting publications;
  • Maintain ancillary equipment (cryo-plunger, glow discharger, etc.);
  • Explore and implement improved data-collection strategies, including testing new software and hardware;
  • Maintain accurate logs to monitor microscope performance, experimental conditions, usage, scheduling, and billing;
  • Consult with other cryo-EM experts in the region and internationally by participating in cryo-EM meetings and workshops;
  • Write clear documentation, establish facility procedures, and perform light administrative duties;
  • Willingness to occasionally work evenings and/or weekends to ensure maximal use of microscopes.

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