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We are looking for an energetic, motivated, result-driven, practical and team player to be our team member at DCSC. The coordinator for smart optics and opto-mechatronics is an exciting and challenging position where you will actively participate in development and problem-solving of optical systems. DCSC has two optics labs which focusses on the development of super resolution set-ups, equipped with several high power laser and adaptive optics.

Besides our labs we also participate in the 3mE Bio-optomechatronics lab, in which our role is the development the bio-optic lab, where we develop and work with the latest high end (commercial) microscopes to image bio samples.

The DCSC lab is part of the Delft Center for Systems and Control, which encompasses approximately 100 scientists working on different aspects of signal processing and control projects. The coordinator will be spending 70% of his/her time in the optic labs actively working on these systems and he/she is part of the DCSC technician to assist in general team operations for the other 30%

More specifically this person will be responsible for:

  • Supporting the scientific staff with the ongoing development of the smart optics and opto-mechatronics;
  • Developing the hardware and software for optical instrumentation;
  • Assisting in the optical courses and practicals;
  • Managing the continuity of hardware and software for the operation of the optical systems;
  • Managing the maintenance and daily operations in the optical labs;
  • The supervision of the safety procedures in the optical labs;
  • Assisting the DCSC technician team with general team operations.

The department Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) of the faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, coordinates the education and research activities in systems and control at Delft University of Technology. The Centers' research mission is to conduct fundamental research in systems dynamics and control, involving dynamic modelling, advanced control theory, optimisation and signal analysis. The research is motivated by advanced technology development in physical imaging systems, renewable energy, robotics and transportation systems.

The technician team of DCSC are highly skilled and offer challenging specialized technical support to the research groups in the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and installation of scientific instruments and research laboratory equipment. Typical duties include managing of equipment and assisting scientific staff (PhD, Postdoc and professors) in their plans of realizing state-of-the-art development of scientific instruments and experimental setups. This includes supporting staff with 3D component design, electronic prototyping, and programming. The ability to thrive and actively participate in a fast developing collaborative research environment is key. Examples of ongoing projects in the DCSC lab; cooperative quadrotor formation control, multi-agent robotic manipulation and swarms; fast autonomous vehicles with on-board optimization and control; inertial sensor-based, minimalistic multi-robot SLAM; real-time systems for embedded simulation and fleet testing. 

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