Cleanroom Engineers / Technicians

Updated: 11 days ago
Deadline: 21 Jul 2024

The nanotechnology-driven research conducted in the cleanrooms of Kavli NanoLab and Else Kooi Laboratory of TU Delft covers many of the societal challenges and ranges from quantum computing and security to medical applications and the energy transition. As a cleanroom engineer or technician, you will enable this crucially important research, as well as the education of TU Delft’s bachelor and master students and other cleanroom users.

We have 6 vacancies and offer you the unique opportunity to become an expert in cleanroom facilities, equipment and/or processing. Let’s outline the options:

  • As a cleanroom facilities engineer you will be responsible for the maintenance of the building and cleanroom systems, including the building management system, enabling 24/7 operations.
  • As an equipment technician, you will be responsible for the maintenance and optimisation of our nanofabrication equipment. You will also instruct users to safely use the equipment and assist them in case of defects or disruptions.
  • As a processing technician/engineer, you will operate the machines, producing nanodevices, including sensors and quantum devices, on behalf of our academic and corporate clients.

Although the focus differs, these roles overlap. You don’t have to make a choice just now: together we’ll match the role to your background, interests and ambitions. You will receive extensive training to become an expert in cleanroom technology.

Our cleanroom users include academics, students, but also users in corporate R&D, with clients ranging from start-ups to leading high-tech brands. To ensure that essential and time-sensitive research activities are not interrupted, you will consult with our users to carefully plan maintenance, repairs and operations. You will also accurately document your work, which includes writing manuals. And you will help improve our Standard Operation Procedures and Health, Safety and Environment policy, protocols and procedures.

You will be joining our highly motivated and internationally diverse team of some 30 technicians and engineers in our two laboratories. We collaborate closely and meet regularly to share knowledge in an open, informal and supportive atmosphere. As a tight-knit community, we also engage in social activities. Working with the latest technology, we help each other respond to challenges. And we will give you all the training and coaching you need to develop your career and become an expert in your field. Learn more about the cleanroom engineer and technician roles .

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