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Deadline: 13 Oct 2021

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre combining a hospital and research laboratories in a single independent organization. The research group of Benjamin Rowland is part of the Division of Cell Biology, and is specialized in chromosome biology. 

The Rowland lab is looking for a bioinformatician with a solid background in genomics. You will become part of an inter-disciplinary team that studies the mechanisms that control genome architecture in interphase and mitosis. You will be involved in numerous projects that study different aspects of genome control by protein complexes such as cohesin and condensin, and their regulation by factors such as CTCF. Your methods will include a range of next-generation sequencing approaches, including Hi-C, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, Repli-Seq and End-Seq. You will be involved in the design of experiments, and in the analysis of the results. 

Please check out our website and publications for more information about our projects:

  • Hoencamp et al., Science, 2021, (PMID: 34045355)
  • Li et al., Nature, 2020, (PMID: 31905366)
  • Elbatsh et al., Mol Cell, 2019, (PMID: 31629658)
  • Haarhuis et al., Cell, 2017, (PMID: 28475897)

You will be working in the division of Cell Biology, in the group of Benjamin Rowland. The team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to study chromosome biology, using methods ranging from genetics, to 3D genomics, biochemistry and imaging. We are looking for an enthusiastic team-player, who enjoys discussing science, and has a passion for chromosome biology. 

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