Assistant Professor of Rurban Health Research M/V

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 21 Jun 2021

The Department of Technology, Policy and Society (TPS), section Health Technology and Services Research (HTSR) at the University of Twente (UT) is seeking an assistant professor in the area of Health.

The Challenge

We are searching for a results-oriented new colleague who is able to expand our expertise in the following area of health at a cross roads between rural and urban structures and systems: the rurban space.

Current challenges on new ways of governing the emerging interrelatedness between rural and urban (“rurban”) areas, call for innovative and urgent solutions, as cities occupy up to 60 times as much space outside their limits as within. Rurban spaces create further demands on health services and health provision as well as on health care systems. Understanding the impact of these rurban areas on health and health care systems will be essential to support developing more effective solutions. We need to find out how “rurbanization” takes place, including the role of the governance and health care system, and the respective interplays!

Sustainable and responsible rurbanization requires innovative measures of collective intervention. Such measures should particularly address critical challenges such as those related to health and health care systems as well as the further emphasis on care provided in rurban centres and the demands for reorganization associated with this. Rurbanization presents challenges to health care systems that can only be handled by (further) improving the efficiency of its interventions, processes and organizations. This requires optimal use of existing resources as well as efficient development and implementation of new efficient innovative interventions (blended, technological). Furthermore, data need to be shared between healthcare organizations and access to each other’s data systems should be more straightforward, also for patients. Innovative (digital) technologies are increasingly used and the ensuing information needs to be linked to these data systems in order to optimally use all available information. With such an integrated health care system, high quality healthcare may be more easily delivered, also in rurban areas. However, several barriers hinder the development of such a system.

We particularly seek to develop cross-links with adjacent areas such as systems engineering, and the further study of decision-making at an individual, organizational, and societal level. Across time the goal will be to interact with researchers from various UT departments and contributing to develop a new field of research combining health services research and systemic change facilitating engagement in climate mitigation and adaptation efforts that can increase the health of the population as well as nature resilience and by doing this, contributing to Sustainable Rurban Innovations. An efficient health care organisation plays an important role to reach this goal.

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