Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy and/or Philosophical Ethics, with expertise in the...

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 09 Jun 2022

The Department of Ethics and Political Philosophy seeks to strengthen its teaching and research expertise in the field of Philosophy of Technology. Digitalisation is giving rise to a range of ethical and philosophical challenges: from algorithmic discrimination to the automation of work and the growing power of platforms. We are therefore looking for an Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy and/or Ethics with expertise in the Philosophy of Technology who, together with their colleagues at the department and beyond, will focus on these contemporary challenges, both in teaching and research. The position will consist of 50% teaching, 45% research and 5% administration.

You should have a broad background in ethics and/or political philosophy with a passion for teaching that will enable you to teach a variety of courses offered in the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, including service courses offered to other faculties. You will teach courses in ethics and/or political philosophy as well as in philosophy of technology, for example in the international BA programme 'Philosophy, Politics and Society' and supervise BA and MA theses in philosophy. In your research, the philosophy of technology (or related subfields such as the ethics of technology, digitalisation or critical data studies) plays an important role, alongside other themes of ethics and/or political philosophy. We will expect you to collaborate with colleagues in and outside the department, for example in Radboud's interdisciplinary research center on the impacts of digitalisation on society, the iHub. You will play an active role in departmental activities and in the new Radboud Centre for Philosophy and Society, such as organising research meetings, and participating in grant applications and other administrative tasks.

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