Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy and/or Philosophical Ethics, with expertise in the Philosophy of Technology

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Deadline: 15 Jun 2021

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophical Ethics and Political Philosophy is part of the

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

at Radboud University. The faculty is a compact, ambitious organisation with approximately 160 staff members, housed in eight academic departments and the supporting office, and nearly 900 students. Our educational programme includes several top-notch courses in both in-depth disciplinary fields of study and interdisciplinary and interfaculty studies. The faculty has innovative education and research programmes with a strong focus on current social issues. 

The Department makes an essential contribution to the Faculty's teaching and is also very active in service teaching at other faculties of Radboud University. Our research is housed in the newly opened Radboud Center for Philosophy and Society (RCPS). The RCPS positions itself at the intersection of philosophy and society. It draws on multiple philosophical traditions within ethics and political philosophy, as well as other discplines, to address societal challenges. Research lines include democracy and contestation, the ethics and politics of digitalization, integrity and healthcare, critical philosophy of race, and environmental ethics.

The Department works very closely with the Interdisciplinary Hub for Privacy, Security and Data Governance  (iHub), Radboud University's interfaculty research centre on digitalisation and society. iHub brings together researchers from various disciplines, including philosophy, computer science, law and social sciences, to explore the impact of the digitisation of society. iHub's research areas include the ethics of artificial intelligence, the 'Googlisation' of healthcare, and fake news and democracy. iHub also includes a lab for the development of value-driven technologies.

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